Working with donors, recipients, agencies, and legal teams, we facilitate embryo donation and embryo adoption – supporting new families and safeguarding family rights in the process.

More and more we have potential parents coming to us for embryos to adopt from donors who have completed their family and may have embryos available. We can’t describe in words how moving it is to have babies born that without this adoption process, would not exist.

TPR Law supports “known embryo donations” through its affiliate, EmbryoGift.

A known embryo donation is where donors and embryo recipients choose each other, with donors sharing background, ancestral, family and medical information.  This enables potential children from the donation to have knowledge of their genetics, including what their biological parents looked like, their interests and hobbies, information about genetic siblings, ancestral information, as well as medical histories.  International and single parents are only able to donate through known embryo donations. They are not able to do so through fertility clinic supported anonymous donations.

There are no fees for donating embryos as all costs, including embryo storage fees, are covered by the recipient family. The process involves filling out profiles of donor medical and health history. We walk you through the process providing education and guidance.

We aim to establish life-long client relationships and are always happy to continue to advise during your journey.  More information is available at or you can contact Deb or Kathleen at the telephone number listed to the right.