International Clients

We have worked with over 200 international clients from Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, China, Tunisia, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, the Philippines, Scotland, Canada, Belgium, and the United Kingdom in creating over 300 smiling babies across the globe!

Third Party Reproduction Law assists international clients starting with a free Skype consultation followed by trust account management, coordination with the fertility clinic, legal contracts and consultation, validation of Gestational Carrier Agreements, and pre- or post-birth orders. At the time of the baby’s birth, TPR Law will expedite the legal parentage process from hospital documentation through insurance billing and negotiation, court required parentage filings, passports, maternity and paternity leave, and citizenship documentation.

Our firm has advanced the parentage process in Utah and Idaho and continues to improve and expedite the process. We are committed that our international clients return home as quickly as possible so they can enjoy their new family without the stress or worry of leaving the United States without proper documentation. With that in mind we have tailored processes for our international clients, including:

  • Detailed insurance reviews
  • Hands on ordering of birth certificates and passport documentation
  • Negotiating hospital charges for the baby
  • On-site Spanish speaking staff
  • Affordable and comfortable housing recommendations during your stay here

Whether you’re just beginning to think about family planning possibilities or have been exploring your options and would like additional perspective and guidance, TPR Law is happy to assist wherever you happen to be located on the globe. We look forward to starting a dialogue and providing you with a customized experience specific to your needs.