In Our Line of Work, This is What Success Sounds Like

We are beyond appreciative for Kathleen!

Kathleen was referred to us by the staff at Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine to help us with the legal aspects of using a gestational carrier. This process was such a foreign and daunting process to us but Kathleen and her team helped guide us through every step and answered all of our questions… they even brought stuff to our attention that we never even thought of so we felt very comfortable that all of our bases were covered. It was also very comforting to us that they worked very closely with the clinic, the local hospital, and judges. They paid attention to even the little details—like reaching out to the staff at the hospital to make sure that our experience was nothing but the best. We are so blessed to have our little miracle baby in our life and are beyond appreciative to Kathleen for helping make this all come together so smoothly. We would highly recommend their services.
–Angie and Scott

One of the most amazing experiences of our life!

Being an international client meant we had no idea how any processes worked in America—and in particular we had no idea of what we needed to do for the legal process with a surrogacy arrangement. Well, all I can say is that we were so impressed with both the service—and the genuine kindness as people—that we experienced when dealing with Kathleen and her team at Third Party Reproduction. There are hardly words to describe how we feel now that we are home in Australia with our twins. Having heard other people's stories of their difficult experiences with their overseas surrogacy legal process, I fully realize that we had a blessed dream-run experience, which we put down to the knowledge and professionalism of Third Party Reproduction. Our recommendation is incredibly high as Kathleen constantly ensured we were legally protected and on-track with all parts of our surrogacy journey—which included some bad advice we had received from 'outside parties' which Kathleen quickly rectified so that we didn't fall into any unnecessary pitfalls. Also, I have to say that Kathleen works with the appropriate sensitivity in handling both the Gestational Carrier and the Intended Parents’ needs. Thank you so much for making this one of the most amazing experiences of our life!
–C.R.A. Family

We are so thankful we found Kathleen!

We found Kathleen through a referral and are very thankful that we did. We worked with Kathleen and benefitted from the close ties she has with the Idaho Center for Reproductive Medicine and with other support agencies in the surrogacy process. Her knowledge of the components of the process is immense and we could never have dreamed of getting through the legal process with the GC as well as the legal process around registering the birth of our twins without her. We are thankful that we found Kathleen would recommend that others in our position use their services stepping through what is a complex process.
–S.K.D. Family