In 2016, TPR became a leader in Utah legal surrogacy services by streamlining our processes to more effectively serve Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers.

We have outstanding relationships with Utah surrogacy agencies, fertility clinics as well as Intermountain Healthcare and MoutainStar hospitals. This ensures we are meeting the needs of all partners that work together to assist in creating a family for our Intended Parents. Our goal is to make the legal aspects of creating a family stress free.

We are the only law firm in Utah with over a decade of practice exclusively in Fertility Law. We continually stay at the forefront of our field while understanding the very personal aspects of our clients’ situations. We are dedicated to providing a positive, efficient, educational, and personalized legal environment to guide you through this essential phase of your family building journey.

With our new streamlined processes we are able to provide Gestational Carrier Agreements to our Clients within three business days of receiving essential information and medical clearance of your Gestational Carrier.

With respect to parentage, we advise our clients to obtain pre-birth court orders validating the Gestational Carrier Agreement anytime between pre-transfer up to the end of the first trimester. There is no Utah statutory requirement that pre-birth orders be entered prior to embryo transfer. Further, all Agreements fall under and are enforceable under standard contract law. While our team engages in obtaining court validated Gestational Carrier Agreements prior to embryo transfers we also provide our clients the option of waiting until the first trimester to conserve financial resources as there is always the risk that another Gestational Carrier may need to be sought, thus requiring a new Gestational Carrier Agreement and validation process.

TPR Law has assisted hundreds of families with over 400 babies born in Idaho and Utah in the past five years. Let us assist you!

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Click on the link below for the general parentage process we engage in to obtain proper court orders and original birth certificates showing Intended Parents as the Child(ren)’s sole legal parents:

TPR Law – Utah General Parentage Process