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TPR Law has assisted hundreds of families with over 500 babies born in Utah and Idaho in the past decade.

TPR Law Babies born in 2016:  108 babies!  Congratulations to our parents in Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Oregon, New Mexico, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Missouri, Florida, Michigan, South Carolina, California, New York, Australia, New Zealand, China, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

TPR Law Babies born in 2015:  88 babies!  Congratulations to our parents in the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Brazil, Israel, China, Hong Kong, Australia, and the Philippines.

Idaho Legal Update:

As of May 2016 no legislation has been proposed in Idaho. Gestational surrogacy is permitted for single, married and unmarried Intended Parents using their own genetics, donor egg, and or donor sperm.  Pre-birth parentage orders are not granted by courts in Idaho. If both Intended Parents are genetically related to the child, both Intended Parents can be declared the legal parents through a post-birth parentage order. Our office is able to expediently complete this process within one to two weeks of the child’s birth.

What has recently changed is that non-genetic parents are not declared legal parents through the parentage process.  Non-genetic parents must complete an adoption of the child through a step parent adoption, second parent adoption, or co-parent adoption process.  For Idaho residents, step parent adoptions can be completed within a few weeks of birth.  For residents outside of Idaho, it generally takes several months to complete the adoption process.